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Oslo, Norge

Doktorandkurs: Criticality Beyond Disciplinarity

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Working knowledge(s) in, of and for design

Criticality does not belong to any one discipline. Rather, it helps us observe how different disciplines operate – and to take a position on what we learn from these observations about disciplinary constraints and affordances. Each field defines and deploys its own „working knowledges”; this course aims to mobilize the power of critical thinking to enrich and help evolve those epistemological norms and inherited practices towards new forms of knowledge production.

The ‘Criticality beyond disciplinarity’ course offers participants the chance to engage with theoretical texts exploring notions of disciplinarity and working knowledge; analyze critical publications; and undertake an exercise in critical writing. Presented from a landscape architectural perspective, it welcomes researchers from multiple disciplines, in order to rehearse inter and transdisciplinary work modes. It is open to participants who are looking to sharpen understanding of their own research aims within broader disciplinary contexts, and to strengthen their capacity as researchers to contribute to the evolution of transdisciplinary practices.


Tid: 2019-09-16 - 2019-09-20
Ort: Oslo, Norge
Arrangör: SLU


Lisa Diedrich, Professor

Institutionen för landskapsarkitektur, planering och förvaltning, SLU

lisa.diedrich@slu.se 040-41 54 24

Andrea KahnProfessor vid Institutionen för landskapsarkitektur, planering och förvaltning