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Sustainable Management of Boreal Forests

Human population growth, global climate change and the increasing demand for forest-based products and services require refined management strategies and recognition of different stakeholder perspectives. The premise of this course is to address the inevitable trade-offs between different forest commodities and the negotiation involved when management objectives are not fully compatible. The course applies up-to-date forest ecology and silviculture research to explore and evaluate management options aimed at social, economic, and ecological sustainability. The course content stems from contemporary boreal forestry issues and emphasizes short- to long-term and landscape consequences of management choices. We cover climate change adaptation, wood raw material supply, damaging agents and risk prevention, and protection of water, biodiversity, social, and cultural values.

The course targets students who are considering a professional career as forestry advisors, project leaders and management professionals for the Swedish and international markets. It also provides a solid background for PhD studies with the career trajectory of Research and Development within forest companies and agencies.


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Läsåret 2022/2023

Sustainable Management of Boreal Forests (SG0245-40124)

2023-03-22 - 2023-06-04

Läsåret 2021/2022

Sustainable Management of Boreal Forests (SG0245-40023)

2022-03-24 - 2022-06-05

Läsåret 2020/2021

Sustainable Management of Boreal Forests (SG0245-40004)

2021-03-24 - 2021-06-06

Läsåret 2019/2020

Sustainable Management of Boreal Forests (SG0245-40001)

2020-03-25 - 2020-06-07

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1) Sustainable Forest Management from concept to practice
**Länk: **https://slu.primo.exlibrisgroup.com/permalink/46SLUB_INST/h6sv7c/alma9919286942205121
**Författare: **Innes J.L. and Yikina A.V. (Eds) 2017
**ISBN: **978-1-84407-724-3
**Kommentar: **This is the main textbook and a recommended buy. It is also available from the SLU library as and E-book. (personal account needed). Additional course literature will be linked or provided for download from the course Canvas page.


Kursen ges som en fristående kurs: Ja Kursen ges som en programkurs: Skoglig ekologi och hållbar skötsel - masterprogram Jägmästarprogrammet Kursavgift: Studieavgift, endast för medborgare utanför EU, EES, och Schweiz: 38060 SEK Nivå: Avancerad nivå (A1F)
Ämne: Skogsvetenskap Biologi Skogsvetenskap Biologi
Kurskod: SG0245 Anmälningskod: SLU-40115 Plats: Umeå Distanskurs: Nej Undervisningsspråk: Engelska Ansvarig institution: Institutionen för skogens ekologi och skötsel Studietakt: 100%