In-depth PhD course in forest regeneration

Publicerad: 15 januari 2019
PhD course forest regeneration

Fördjupningskurs i skoglig föryngring/In-depth course in forest regeneration PhD course 2019, Asa, Sweden

This is a course arranged within the BECFOR research school.

The purpose of the course is to give the students insight in the complexity in forest regenerations of the modern forestry in northern Europe. New findings and insights in seedling types, planting techniques and soil scarification methods will be discussed and evaluated, linked to an understanding of plant ecophysiology and soil and site factors. The purpose with the course is also to provide knowledge in design of regeneration experiments and the techniques in measurements of seedling vitality and growth. The chain of managements, from seed to established trees will also be part of the discussion.

Last date of application is March 15, 2019.

Syllabus and Course Content

Download the pdf file for more information HERE


Kristina Wallertz, Forskare
Asa forskningsstation, SLU, 0472-263172, SLU-ankn. 4708