Courses in Statistics and Data Analysis

Publicerad: 06 februari 2019

Do you want to study statistics to prepare for data analysis in your B.Sc. or M.Sc. project?

We offer two courses with a mixture of statistical concepts, data analysis and statistical pro-gramming. The popular and free statistical programming language R is used to analyze realistic datasets relevant for students in life sciences.

Statistics A: Basic Statistics, 7.5 credits (MS0070)
Application code: SLU-10295 Language: English
Location: Uppsala Time: October, period 1B
Content: Descriptive statistics, basic probability theory, probability distributions, statistical in-ference of means and proportions for one and two samples, nonparametric methods, analysis of frequency data. Project work on questionnaires, experimental design and/or data analysis.
Prior knowledge: 120 credits in the first cycle, English 6

Statistics B: Regression analysis and analysis of variance, 7.5 credits (MS0071)
Application code: SLU-20156 Language: English
Location: Uppsala Time: November, period 2A
Content: Simple and multiple linear regression, analysis of variance with one or more fixed and random factors, the general linear model. Extensions of the basic regression and ANOVA mod-els. Project work.
Prior knowledge: 120 credits in the first cycle, 5 credits basic statistics, English 6


The course covers topics that are often applied in B.Sc. and M.Sc. theses in subject areas, such as biology, ecology, veterinary and animal science or economics. In computer exercises and projects the student will get training in data management, statistical analysis and creating plots fit for publication.