Apply to the course: Sustainable technologies for agriculture in low and medium income countries, 7.5 credits

Publicerad: 09 april 2019

Application code = SLU-20097; Course code = TN0342. Deadline for the application: April 15, 2019.

This course opens opportunities for future international jobs and activities! It is unique as it covers indigenous and modern technologies applicable for low and medium income countries. 

The objective of the course is to provide knowledge and understanding of agricultural technologies for sustainable development and resource utilization in low and medium income countries. Participatory research, socio-economic aspects of sustainable development, as well as mechanisation, technology transfer and resource management will be addressed during the course.

-       The course is given in English, on full time from 4 Dec 2019 to 19 Jan 2020

-       It is offered as independent course in Technology and Environmental science, Advanced level (A1N)

-       Prior knowledge: You need 120 credits in Technology and/or Natural science, including at least 15 credits in Technology, Soil science or Agricultural science. English 6 or equivalent.


Responsible Department:                          

Department of Energy and Technology, SLU

Course leader, examiner:                           

Girma Gebresenbet;

Telephone: 018-671901;