Scholarship opportunity – Last chance!

Publicerad: 20 augusti 2018

Do you want to study or carry out a project in Ethiopia? The Department of Energy and Technology runs a Linneaus-Palme Exchange program together with Addis Ababa University since several years.

The current program runs at its final stage but there is still possibility for two students to participate, either to take courses at Addis Ababa University and/or to carry out field work for a master's or candidate thesis.

The exchange can take place

during the rest of 2018 and beginning of 2019! Expenses are covered by a stipend of up to 25 000 SEK.

• Credits taken can be included in a Swedish exam

• The students should have at least one year university studies before the exchange

• Some courses offered can be found at

Many teachers at SLU and AAU have been involved in the exchange, and project and supervision can be organised in many subjects, mainly related to engineering and environmental science. Please also note that the overall conditions in Ethiopia including rural areas have dramatically improved during the summer 2018 and it is easier to access rural areas for field trips (while the area around Addis Ababa has been considered safe earlier)!