25 apr

room Skara, Ulls hus, Uppsala

Open seminar: "Ethical aspects of assisted migration of endagered species"

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Welcome to the third seminar in the CBM Seminar Series "Ethics, species & the sixth mass extinction". On 25 April, Helena Siipi from Turku University will talk about a recent paper ethical aspects of assisted migration. Open for all interested researchers and students. No fee, no preparations needed.


Siipi will present a published paper co-authored with Marko Ahteensuu on ethical aspects of assisted migration. Having read the paper is not required, but here is the reference if one is interested: Siipi, H., & Ahteensuu, M., 2016. Moral Relevance of Range and Naturalness in Assisted Migration, Environmental Values 25, 465-483

Helena Siipi is a university teacher at Turku University, Philosophy Unit


About CBM Seminar Series spring 2019:

The four seminars during the spring 2019 focuses on different aspects of environmental ethics and biological diversity.

Moral philosophy has traditionally been preoccupied with classical questions such as What should I do?, and What has value? Intuitively, the rapid extinction of species raise many ethical questions. Several of the traditional questions of moral philosophy will be applied to the accelerating extinction of species in the CBM Seminar Series during spring 2019.

The seminars are open for both researchers and students with different background. With these seminars, we aim to stimulate discussion on environmental ethical questions. The seminars consists of a shorter lecture, followed by a discussion where all perspectives are welcome!



Tid: 2019-04-25 10:00 - 12:00
Ort: Uppsala
Lokal: room Skara, Ulls hus
Arrangör: Centrum för biologisk mångfald
Mer information:

For more information, contact Patrik Baard, CBM: patrik.baard@slu.se

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