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Room Umeå, Ulls hus, Uppsala

Why do female truck drivers leave the truck via the passenger side?

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Division of Rural Development invites you to a seminar with Anne-Charlott Callerstig from Linköping University.

What is the link between gender and innovation processes in organisations? Based on a recent research project at Volvo Trucks, Anne-Charlott will discuss different aspects of the impact of gendered norms on, and for, innovation. When studying the development of innovations from a gender perspective it is central to pose two questions; by whom and for whom are innovations developed? The transport sector has traditionally been formed by men and for men. While today there is an increased interest to enhance the diversity both among the “innovators”, eg employees at Volvo Trucks and also among truck drivers, hindrances remain. Crucial obstacles centre around how trucks traditionally have been developed based on the male model driver, with excluding effects. Diversity in the work-place is often considered a driving force for innovation. However, diversity does not automatically lead to more norm-aware innovation; to increase diversity, a change of workplace culture is often necessary, as many workplaces often have implicit norms about who is the “ideal” employer and innovator. In the presentation various interactive approaches used as part of the research project to strengthen self-reflexivity and to reflect on implicit norms surrounding user/users will be presented and discussed.


ANNE-CHARLOTT CALLERSTIG holds a PhD in gender studies from Linköping University. Her thesis is titled: Making Equality work. Ambiguities, conflicts and change agents in the implementation of equality policies in public sector organisations. Her research areas include equality policy and organization; policy implementation and evaluation, and interactive research approaches. Feminist Social Studies (CFS), and is an internal consultant in the work with gender mainstreaming and equal opportunities at the university.

  Anne-Charlotte Kallerstig. Foto. 


Tid: 2019-12-04 13:00 - 14:30
Ort: Uppsala
Lokal: Room Umeå, Ulls hus
Arrangör: Division of Rural Development
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