9 dec

Alnarpsgården, Aulan

Internship program in Urban Agriculture & Social Sustainability

Blommande trädgård

Botildenborg’s internship in Urban Agriculture & Social Sustainability is an experiential learning program designed for students, aspiring farmers, community gardeners and anyone with an interest in gaining work experience in local food production, entrepreneurship and social sustainability.

Botildenborg is a prize winning meeting place and an urban farm in Malmö that uses food and farming as tools to create a more sustainable food system. Through its different projects/initiatives Botildenborg has become one of the most innovative places in the Nordics contributing to 13 UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. 

On the 9th of december Saba Nazarian, Farm Director & Educator, informs about the internship 2023, in Aulan, Alnarpsgården.

Program duration

This program is offered 4 times a year that runs from March to the end of November. Each period lasts 3 months with the possibility of extension for students who wish to stay longer.


We provide 6 spots for the best candidates for each the following periods.

March – May

May – July

July – September

September – November 


Botildenborg is located in the Rosengård neighborhood in Malmö, Sweden.


The application process for the 2023 season is now open. 

Apply here                                                          

More information about Botildenborg


Tid: 2022-12-09 12:15
Ort: Alnarpsgården, Aulan


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