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Digital Short Talk - Make a living out of a dream job

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Every Friday, during Green Innovation Park´s digital network breakfast, members, researchers and partners are invited to inspire and share their experiences for 10 minutes.

Can you freelance with wildlife and conservation?
Green Innovation Park member Jonatan Borling has spent more than a decade working with large carnivores and other wildlife in Sweden and around the world, writing articles, doing photography, holding guided tours, talks and conducting field work. He's also authored a book on snow leopards.

Meet (without meeting) Jonatan Borling and hear his thoughts on whether it’s possible making a living out of a dream job.

Read more about Jonatan and his work.


Tid: 2020-12-04 08:30 - 09:15
Ort: Digital on Zoom
Arrangör: Green Innovation Park
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Connect to the breakfast at https://slu-se.zoom.us/j/65514194372

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