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Publicerad: 05 maj 2017

Ta chansen att delta i den årliga workshopen som arrangeras i samband med AFEPAS sommarskola. I år har programmet öppnat upp så att tolv studenter utanför programmet kan delta.

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Pre‐requisite: Intermediate micro‐economics
Time schedule:
Monday, July 23 – Thursday, July 27 (8.00 to 13.00)
Friday, July 28: evaluation test (9.00 to 11.00)
More information: AFEPA Master master‐
Deadline application: May 31 2017

Application to the workshop: In addition to the students currently studying in their AFEPA Master’s programme, this workshop is open to another twelve graduate students for an administrative fee of €142. This fee does not included travel, food and lodging.

Interested graduate students who meet the pre‐requisite in intermediate micro‐ economics and are fluent in English are invited to submit their application with an attached zip file named “AFEPA workshop [last name]” containing a short CV and all their university transcripts to master‐ by May 31, 2017. Their admission will be announced by June 16 and the €142 fee will have to be paid by June 23 to reserve a place in the workshop. All admitted students will have to take the evaluation test planned on Friday morning. A certificate of attendance will only be delivered if all elements of the workshop are completed, including homework and evaluation test.

Accomodation: Admitted participants will be able to book a double student room at Castelldefels at the cost of €29,50/night/person if the reservation is secured by June 30. We encourage this reservation for convenience but also for networking purpose.


Programadministratör Agricultural Food and Environmental Policy Analysis:




Lovisa Nilsson, Programkoordinator
Institutionen för ekonomi, SLU, 018-67 17 12