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Webinar with Oxfam Sweden

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You’re invited! We would like to invite you to our online webinar, Paying a fairer price to farmers - how can companies play their part in closing the living income gap?

The prices farmers around the world receive are often too low to enable them to earn a living income. This Oxfam webinar will explore how companies can become an active part in closing the living income gap by paying fairer prices to small-scale farmers in global food supply chains.

We will present experiences from a pilot in which Swedish retailer Axfood and Norwegian wholesaler Unil paid a premium to support small-scale Basmati rice farmers in Pakistan. We will discuss key lessons learned and also hear from companies who were involved.

  • How can we reshape food supply chains to that everyone involved may profit
  • What is the business case and collective benefits of pursuing fairer prices and a living income?
  • What are the challenges companies need to overcome to pay fairer prices to farmers?

Confirmed speakers:
Ms. Mira Alestig, Lead Researcher Food & Climate, Oxfam Sweden
Mr. Shahid Tarer, Director, Galaxy Rice Mills
Ms. Kristina Areskog Bjurling, Sustainability Manager, Axfood

Moderator: Mr. Uwe Gneiting, Private Sector Senior Researcher, Oxfam America

Registration to the webinar

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Tid: 2023-03-07 10:00 - 11:15
Ort: Online/Zoom
Arrangör: Oxfam Sweden
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