15 maj

Ultuna, live streaming to Alnarp and Umeå

LinkedIn workshop for SLU´s students

How do you become more searchable and more attractive to employers, recruiters and contacts at LinkedIn? How can you learn about your labour market with the help of LinkedIn?

Meet one of Naturvetarna´s career coaches for a workshop on LinkedIn at SLU Ultuna.

The workshop and video stream start at 13.00. Students in Ultuna are welcome to a mingle with "fika" from 12.30.

The workshop will be held in English.

Last date to register was 8 May 2019, but you can follow the live streaming recording (no registration necessary).

For live streaming recording please log in with your SLU username and password at: http://tcs.video.slu.se/tcs/?id=a3a3b79f-f021-454b-bb5f-e854bfc61813.

  • Ultuna: Lennart Kennes sal (Biocentrum)
  • Alnarp: Spiltan (Video)
  • Umeå: Aspen (Video)
  • At all campus: Live streaming recording


Tid: 2019-05-15 13:00 - 14:00
Ort: Ultuna, live streaming to Alnarp and Umeå
Arrangör: SLU Karriär, Naturvetarna and ULS