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Green Innovation Park, Ulls väg 29C, Uppsala

Short Talk: Pilot for a day – Communication for life!

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On Fridays during Green Innovation Park´s networking breakfast we invite speakers, entrepreneurs and innovators to inspire and share their experiences for ten minutes. The breakfast starts at 08.30 and Short Talk at 09.

When communication fails in day to day life, we risk losing time, money or relations. When communication fails in cockpit, we risk losing a lot more than that. Communication is one of the most important bases for good leadership and teambuilding. Combining the models of communication, attitudes and procedural thinking from aviation with the classical models for leadership and teambuilding creates a rather interesting concept.

Meet Paul Carbonnier from Carbon Coaching.


Tid: 2019-10-04 08:30
Ort: Uppsala
Lokal: Green Innovation Park, Ulls väg 29C
Arrangör: Green Innovation Park