Agricultural, Food and Environmental Policy Analysis - Master´s Programme

Publicerad: 02 maj 2024

Det här programmet ges på engelska. På den engelska programsidan hittar information om programmet, välkomstbrev med uppropsinformation, ditt ramschema, kontaktuppgifter och dokument som styr utbildningen.


Congratulations on your place at the Agricultural, Food and Environmental Policy Analysis (AFEPA) - Master´s Programme! We look forward to meet you here in Uppsala this autumn!

The autumn semester 2022 begins with roll call and study information on campus.

Date: Monday 29 August

Time and place: On the pages for new students, you will find information when the roll call for your programme begins and which room the roll call will be in.

On these pages, you will also find all the information you need as a new
student at SLU, including information about the orientation days. The
orientation days are not mandatory but we recommend that you attend
them. They take place at the end of August, before the semester starts, and
provide essential and useful information about your stay in Sweden and
your studies at SLU.

You will start your studies with Microeconomic theory and Analytical Methods. Please note that both these courses are held at Uppsala University.

Search your course  for more information about the course. On the course page, you will find a timetable for your classes and other course-related information. Timetables and reading lists will be published at least four weeks before the course starts.

I will by e-mail contact all of you that have been accepted to start AFEPA at SLU well before the semester starts.

Once again, we are very happy to welcome you to our master programme and look forward to meeting you on August 29th!


Ruben Hoffmann

Director of studies for Agricultural, Food and Environmental Policy Analysis (AFEPA) - Master´s Programme at SLU




Programmet ges på engelska.

Den svenska namnet på programmet är Policyanalys inom jordbruk, miljö och livsmedel 



Programstudierektor - AFEPA

Ruben Hoffmann, forskare
Institutionen för ekonomi, 018-67 17 37