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Silviculture - the science of forest stand management

Silviculture applies forest ecology to manage forest stands with the aim to provide society with wood raw materials and other ecosystem goods and services. In this course, you will study how a range of silvicultural practices, including management of stand structure, composition, density, rotation length and site fertility affect forest development and ecosystem services (with emphasis on wood, carbon and water). After the course, you will be able to evaluate the scientific basis for current and emerging silvicultural practices such as continuous cover forestry, carbon forestry and mixed species forests. We place particular emphasis on learning the skills and tools needed for analysing forest stand management for sustainable provision of desired goods and services under different conditions, including changing climate and management objectives. Thus, the course will give you a sound foundation for decision-making and implementation. The course primarily focuses on boreal and temperate forests, but we will also use examples from tropical forests to discuss differences between forest types, site conditions, and consequences of climate change. We target students interested in careers in the forest industry, public sector, and research in forest science, forest ecology or soil science.

Information från kursledaren

Welcome letter from course leaders

Welcome to “Silviculture – the science of forest stand management”.

The course introduction is on Monday, January 16th at 9.15.

The courses the first week will be held in the lecture hall, Björken. After that, we will be in Bokskogen. We also may need to switch to Zoom or distance teaching on demand to accommodate guest lecturers or other situations. In these cases, we will use the communication tools Zoom and Wonder. We will provide class materials and communicate through the Canvas platform, to which you will receive an invitation by e-mail. You can reach Canvas when you have received your student account and e-mail.

Some further points to note:

  • You should register yourself for the course in the Ladok system. The system for self-registration is open from the 9th through the 16th of January. You can see classes to register for when logged into the student web portal/Ladok.
  • If you have a documented disability or reading and writing difficulties that require extra time, privacy, or some extra aids in teaching and examinations - contact SLU Funka as soon as possible: Funka@slu.se. Then communicate these needs to the course leaders.
  • If you are new to SLU, it is important to get your student account as early as possible (https://student.slu.se/en/studies/new-student/ Links to an external site., where you can also find other relevant information about studies at SLU and in Sweden in general).

We are looking forward to seeing you in Björken Monday, January 16th at 9.15.

Kind regards,

Eliza and Ulrik


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SG0272-30188 - Sammanställning av kursvärdering

Efter att kursvärderingen stängt har kursansvarig och studentrepresentanten upp till en månad på sig att skriva kommentarer. De publiceras automatiskt i sammanställningen.

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Silviculture - the science of forest stand management (SG0272-30256)

2024-01-15 - 2024-03-19

Läsåret 2021/2022

Silviculture - the science of forest stand management (SG0272-30052)

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Kursen ges som en fristående kurs: Ja Kursen ges som en programkurs: Skoglig ekologi och hållbar skötsel - masterprogram Kursavgift: Studieavgift, endast för medborgare utanför EU, EES, och Schweiz: 38060 SEK Nivå: Avancerad nivå (A1N)
Ämne: Biologi Skogsvetenskap
Kurskod: SG0272 Anmälningskod: SLU-30188 Plats: Umeå Distanskurs: Nej Undervisningsspråk: Engelska Ansvarig institution: Institutionen för Skogens ekologi och skötsel Studietakt: 100%