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Klimatförändringar - effekter på landskapet och möjliga lösningar

In this course for upper-level undergraduate students, you will learn about climate change effects and practical solutions for local climate change adaptation. You will also learn about the science behind climate change, and work in groups to contribute and communicate creative potential solutions.

Climate change is a global problem but the associated challenges are often felt and addressed locally. This course will give you the theoretical background and practical tools to help communities tackle challenges related to planning and managing their landscapes in the face of climate change. You will learn about options for planning and design of the physical landscape, for example through blue-green infrastructure like green roofs, rain gardens, and street trees to reduce the impacts of flooding, urban heat island effect, and other threats amplified by climate change.

After an introduction to climatology and climate science through reading, lectures and group discussion, you will learn from experts on climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies. The course culminates in a problem-based project, where you will work with students from different disciplines to identify a local climate-change related challenge and present a strategy to address the challenge. The course is suitable for students from a wide range of backgrounds, including spatial planning, landscape architecture, landscape engineering, geography, ecology, and environmental science.


Andra kursvärderingar för LK0401

Läsåret 2023/2024

Klimatförändringar - effekter på landskapet och möjliga lösningar (LK0401-30121)

2024-01-15 - 2024-03-19

Läsåret 2022/2023

Klimatförändringar - effekter på landskapet och möjliga lösningar (LK0401-30003)

2023-01-16 - 2023-03-21

Läsåret 2021/2022

Klimatförändringar - effekter på landskapet och möjliga lösningar (LK0401-30240)

2022-01-17 - 2022-03-23

Kursplan och övrig information


1. An Introduction to Physical geography and the Environment. Fourth edition.** Author: Holden J (editor) ISBN:** 9781292083575 Description: Chapters 3.4, 5.1-5.2, 6-9, 10.4, 13, 22 and 26 [204 pages]

2. Urban adaptation in Europe: how cities and towns respond to climate change Author: European Environment Agency ISBN: ISBN 978-92-9480-270-5 [Urban adaptation in Europe: how cities and towns respond to climate change] (https://www.eea.europa.eu/publications/urban-adaptation-in-europe Compendium Description: Set of publications and hand-outs, approximately 300 pages


Kursen ges som en fristående kurs: Ja Kursen ges som en programkurs: Trädgårdsingenjör: design - kandidatprogram Landskapsingenjörsprogrammet - Alnarp Trädgårdsingenjörsprogrammet - design Kursavgift: Studieavgift, endast för medborgare utanför EU, EES, och Schweiz: 38060 SEK Nivå: Grundnivå (G2F)
Ämne: Trädgårdsvetenskap Landskapsarkitektur Landskapsarkitektur Trädgårdsvetenskap
Kurskod: LK0401 Anmälningskod: SLU-30037 Plats: Alnarp Distanskurs: Nej Undervisningsspråk: Engelska Ansvarig institution: Institutionen för landskapsarkitektur, planering och förvaltning Studietakt: 100%