What study support is available to me?

Last changed: 04 August 2023
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If you have applied for and been granted study support for students with disabilities, you can be given different types of help. The support is tailored based on your disability and individual study situation. You will discuss the best type of support for you with one of the coordinators, or the contact person at the smaller SLU campuses.

Read more about the different types of support at SLU in the menus below.

Note-taking support

If you have a disability that makes it difficult to take notes while listening, you can get note-taking support. SLU offers two different types of note support:

  1. Classmate as note-taker 
    This means that you take part of a classmate’s notes after the lecture. The support does not replace your own presence, but is a complement to what you yourself have the opportunity to absorb at the lecture.

    The note-taker is paid for the assignment by SLU. More information is available here: Mentoring and note-taking

  2. SmartPen
    In some cases, note-taking assistants can be replaced by the possibility to borrow and use a SmartPen, recording pen. With the help of such a pen you take notes yourself, while the pen records an audio file. It is enough that you take notes sparingly. You can then navigate the audio files by putting the pen on your notes in the pad.

    SmartPen allows you to be independent and develop your own note-taking. You can also repeat what was said in the lectures by listening to the recorded audio files.

    SLU lends SmartPen and provides special notepads to write on. The course leader must be contacted in order for you to get permission to record audio files. The files are for personal use only, and may not be distributed to others.

Adapted assessment

There are several forms of adapted examination. They may include using computers during exams, being given extra time or sitting written examinations in smaller groups.

The examiner will always decide what is possible for an adapted examination based on the course objectives. If a lack of resources means that the approved adaptations cannot be made in full, the exam services team has the power to arrange the most suitable alternative. Talk to the campus coordinator or contact person about the different adaptations available when you apply for support. They will be able to provide recommendations for adaptations.

Read more about what you need to do to receive an adapted examination.

Extra supervision in conjunction with independent work

You can receive extra supervision from a teacher when you carry out independent projects (bachelor’s degree project/degree project). Discuss how the study support can be structured with your contact person on campus.


If you have a mental health problem or a neuropsychiatric condition, you may in some cases be given a mentor who can help you structure and plan your studies. The mentor acts as a discussion partner and can help you concretise and prioritise your study assignments.

The amount of mentor support is about one hour per week. The mentor will receive an hourly payment from the university to compensate them for their work.

Read more about working as a mentor.

Sign-language interpreter, notetaker

If you have a hearing impairment or are deaf, you can receive help from a notetaker, sign language interpreter or deafblind interpreter.

Sign language interpretation is offered only to Swedish sign language.

Submit your application in good time, as it takes time to arrange.
You can contact a coordinator as soon as you have submitted your application to SLU.

Study support you do not need to apply for

Other support

Adjustable desks are available at some SLU libraries. These desks are available to all students, but are especially useful for those who have problems with their back or other pain.

Many of our campuses also have adjustable desks at the back of lecture halls.

Do you need adapted furniture during lectures or moderated exams on campus? Contact your coordinator to find out more about what applies where you are.


Study with disabilities

If you have questions about studying with disabilities that might affect your studies and how to apply for study support, contact us at ability@slu.se

You can read more about studying with disabilities on the student web.