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Last changed: 06 September 2019

Here you will get help getting started with Canvas and information about archiving Fronter.

Manuals and videos

Canvas is a user-friendly tool. Take part of the manuals and movies to get started.

Canvas Student - an App for easier mobile navigation

The interface in Canvas is mobile friendly but if you often use Canvas on your smartphone, there's an app that makes it even easier to navigate Canvas.

Read more about the App here.

What is Canvas?

Canvas is a learning platform, a web-based course environment, consisting of course rooms. The course room can be seen as a virtual classroom and is a good complement to traditional classroom education.

Canvas is a modern learning platform that easily integrates with other systems and services.

Canvas has four features:

  • Distributes materials, instructions, links and learning goals.
  • Submission of work safely.
  • Communication with your teacher and other students in the course.
  • Tools for evaluations and examns.

Access to Canvas

All SLU students have access to Canvas. However, the course leader in each course determines whether Canvas will be used in the course. Ask your course leader what applies to your course.

You log in to Canvas with your SLU account from the student web start page.

What happens to Fronter?

In autumn 2018, both Fronter and Canvas can be used in teaching.

After 25 March 2019, no new courses will be created in Fronter, but you can continue to access them.

Archive your material in Fronter

You will have access to Fronter throughout 2019 before we close the ability to log in.

When Fronter is closed, you will not be able to access your material that you have saved in Fronter. Therefore, save what you want to keep in good time before Fronter is closed.


If you have questions about Canvas or Fronter or need help, you can contact IT support that is SLU's own IT support.

Contact information for IT support can be seen below.

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