Heavy consumption and hazardous use

Last changed: 01 March 2023

Staff and students at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences are all responsible for creating a good work environment. The university works systematically and proactively to prevent ill health, and hazardous use or heavy consumption that can affect the study environment and workplace is forbidden.

SLU must have preventive measures in place to address heavy consumption and hazardous use. We need to act quickly if we are aware of or suspect that heavy consumption or hazardous use is taking place. This may include the use of alcohol, drugs, medical products, gambling or social media. 

Staff and students must be fully fit to participate in their work or studies. They must not be under the influence of any substance. Consuming alcohol or taking drugs in conjunction with work or studies at SLU is forbidden. Drugs must never be used on SLU premises. Gambling for money, online gaming or similar is prohibited during working and teaching hours.

Contact your manager if you need help. Support is also available from your health and safety representative, union representative or HR officer. Employees can book an anonymous appointment with the occupational health services. Students can contact teaching staff, the director of studies or head of department as well as the Student Health Service. 

Line managers are responsible for any rehabilitation and adapting duties. Employees must actively participate in their rehabilitation. 

Responsibility, roles and duties

Managers must act quickly as soon as they become concerned, if an employee falls ill or cannot perform in the workplace. Staff and students must act if a colleague or course mate is struggling or showing signs of changed behaviour that could be due to hazardous use. The health and safety representative and union representatives can provide support with the process. An HR officer will guides and supports managers and staff on matters concerning hazardous use and any rehabilitation work.  


Human resources officers
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