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Last changed: 09 May 2023
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The Sluss assembly

Sluss is highest decision-making body. Each representative of the member unions and the deputy chair of the doctoral student’s board has one vote with equal mandate. Sluss chair has the casting vote. The deputy chair is secretary. The advisers also attend meetings. You can find the minutes of the meetings at Sluss digital workplace.

Sluss focus council

The focus council is Sluss standing committee and is convened once a term. The Sluss assembly jointly decides the time, (a weekend), place and theme of the focus council. The focus council is similar to a conference where SLU’s seven student unions meet to deal with current matters in the unions’ activities. Based on the topics decided by the Sluss assembly, a number of those who have been elected to posts within the unions meet to talk and discuss everything from education and international relations to day-to-day activities and student welfare issues. 

The board

The board decides what will be taken up at the Sluss assembly and consists of one representative from each union and a PhD student from the PhD Council. The board organises the focus councils and represents the respective unions when Sluss is seen at other universities. 

The praesidium and advisers

Sluss praesidium consists of a chair and a deputy chair who are elected by the Sluss board. These two students work full-time and their task is to implement what the board decides. The chair of Sluss has the main responsibility for study monitoring and is a member of the Vice-Chancellor’s Management Group. The deputy chair has main responsibility for student welfare issues and international contacts. The praesidium works together on most issues. The previous year’s chair and deputy chair are first and second adviser and take part in all Sluss activities.

Sluss DN - PhD council

The PhD Council is a committee within Sluss. It consists of a representative from each PhD student council and a chair. Sluss PhD Council acts as a collaborative body for the member unions’ PhD student councils, Sluss and SLU’s doctoral student ombudsman and deals with matters concerning post-graduate studies. The council is a standing committee and an advisory body to Sluss. Representatives of ASK, ULS, VMF and SHS sit on the council. The council’s chair is elected for two years at a time and also represents the post-graduate students on the SLU Board. The PhD Council also has a member in the Sluss Assembly, who from 2013 is also deputy chair of the PhD Council.

PhD Student Councils

Four of the student unions have a PhD student council. Each PhD student council represents all the postgraduate students at the respective faculty.

Election committee

The committee consists of representatives from each member union (often the previous year’s board) and a convening chair (Sluss’ second adviser).


Sluss has an external auditor and a student auditor, both appointed for a year at a time.


Sluss - The Joint Committee of Student Unions of SLU

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