Elite sports and studies – how to combine the two?

Last changed: 21 May 2024
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SLU became an elite-sports-friendly university (EVL) in the autumn semester of 2022. As an EVL student, you will be offered support with combining your academic studies and elite sports as part of a double career track (DC). Support includes career guidance, career development and certain adaptations to your studies.

An EVL student is somebody who either already represents or has the potential to represent their national team, but to do so they need to adapt their studies. Elite athletes must prove their status with a certificate from a specialist sports association such as the Swedish Ice Hockey Association.

You will need to show this certificate to the SLU DC coordinator. You will only be able to adapt your studies in conjunction with national team training and competitions, other international and national competitions and league matches.

Each specialist sports association determines whether you meet the criteria to be an elite athlete. You must:

  • represent Sweden in a junior or senior national team
  • compete in an individual sport internationally at an elite level
  • play in a team in the highest division, at either national or international senior level
  • have been identified by or participate in the national team’s development work
  • be suitable for a position in the senior national team, or compete at an international elite level.

How do I apply to become an EVL student?

First, you must have applied for and been admitted to studies at SLU (either a course or programme). SLU offers a wide range of courses and programmes.

You will also need to submit a signed certificate from your specialist sports association. The certificate must have been signed by your association before you send it to SLU. You will receive confirmation from the EVL coordinator if you meet the criteria for EVL students.


SLU is a National Sports University and elite-sports-friendly university, approved by the Swedish Sports Confederation.

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