Student involvement

Last changed: 31 January 2023
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The study monitors’ most important task is to make students’ views and opinions known within the university.

In order to drive student issues forward and get students’ perspectives on the development of SLU’s study programmes students are represented on all committees, councils and boards. These are the activities you support when you pay your student union fee. The unions exist and work for students! 

Student life and welfare

Student welfare issues cover everything that affects students’ life at the university without having any direct connection with their studies. Such issues may concern student accommodation, the IT environment on the campus and availability of group rooms, student health services, equal treatment and crisis handling. The deputy chair of Sluss is responsible for monitoring these issues on an overall university level, for example by raising them within the Student Welfare Council. The deputy chair of Sluss also arranges an annual course for those responsible for new student orientation activities at the different union and is responsible for the evaluation of the unions’ orientation activities so that all new students are properly welcomed to the university.

The individual unions work with student welfare issues in close proximity to the students. They also arrange social activities such as parties, revues and sports events, and also contact with trade and industry. 

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Study monitoring

"Students shall be entitled to exert influence over the courses and study programmes at higher education institutions. Higher education institutions shall endeavour to enable students to play an active role in the continued development of courses and study programmes. Ordinance (2000:260)."

What does the law say? 

SLU has approximately 4,000 undergraduate students and 750 PhD students - Sluss exists to make their voice heard. The chair and deputy chair of Sluss monitor studies on an overall university level and are represented on the SLU Board, the Study Programmes Board (UN), the Student Welfare Council (STRÅ), the Vice-Chancellor’s Management Group, and the Disciplinary Committee, alongside many other university bodies. 

At the faculty level, study monitoring is often the responsibility of the chair and deputy chair of the union, Sluss’ representative and a representative of the PhD student council. These people are represented on the programme boards (PN). There are four faculties at SLU and thus four programme boards. These student representatives also sit on bodies such as the faculty boards, the academic appointments board, the docent board and others. Study monitoring is mainly done within the programme boards (PN). 

On an overall programme level the unions’ study and programme committees review course evaluations, have meetings with programme directors of studies (PSR), and arrange study visits, alumni evenings and inspirational lectures. These are the people who first and foremost review your course evaluation! 

Monitoring of course and programmes is divided up as follows.


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