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SLU thinks about the environment

As a student at SLU you will be able to influence the environment positively by the knowledge and awareness of environmental issues which the university conveys. Here you can read more about SLU's environmental work and report environmental issues to the environmental unit at SLU.

Environmental policy

SLU’s environmental policy was adopted in 2011. There you can read the following:

"SLU contributes to an ecological, social and financial sustainable development.

Environmental thinking and environmental aspects are integrated in all decision-making and are part of all activities within SLU’s organisational units.

The environmental work at SLU is a long-term process which builds on continuous improvement and is based on the environmental regulations in force."

Did you know...

  • All of SLU's approximately 30 locations are certified in accordance with ISO 14001, an environmental standard which means that there is systematic environmental work that strives for continuous improvement and which is audited annually by external environmental auditors?
  • You as a student can get involved in the environmental work at SLU by getting involved in the unions' environmental committee?
  • You can submit comments or ideas on how environmental work can be improved through SLU's system for deviations and improvements?
  • Out of 188 authorities, SLU (2019) was ranked in second place in the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's annual report on environmental management in Swedish authorities?
  • A flight between Stockholm and Gothenburg emits 74,000 times more carbon dioxide compared to a train journey on the same route? It is therefore a good idea to consider taking the train instead of flying.

About the environmental unit


  • Create tools and to act as support in the environmental work in the various activities.
  • Continuously work with SLU's environmental management system.
  • Participate and set environmental requirements in procurements.
  • Continuously aim to achieve the set environmental objectives and follow up statistics on these.
  • Conduct audits, both internal and external, together with auditors from our certification body Rise.
  • Report the results of the environmental work to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and to the Ministry of Trade and Industry.
  • Administer the SLU climatefund.
  • Manage changes in environmental legislation.
  • Responsible for SLU's chemical handling system, "KLARA".


Johanna Sennmark, environmental manager

Karin Bäckman, environmental coordinator

Kristin Thored, environmental coordinator

Maria Nauclér, chemical coordinator

Camilla Källman, environmental coordinator

Mats Svensson, environmental coordinator

List of staff.

You can help reducing the environmental damage

There are many things that you and your fellow students can do to contribute to reduce the environmental damage here at SLU.



  • Turning off the lights when you leave a room
  • Using the power saving feature on electronic equipment
  • Turning off equipment not in use
  • Copying and printing double-sided
  • Carpooling with other students
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