Last changed: 02 October 2023

With Mentimeter you can create engaging presentations through questions, surveys, slides and pictures. You can ask questions that the participants can answer directly during the presentation and you can share the results in real time.

Various use case examples

  • Use it for class assignments that allow for a presentation
  • Use it in student union activities to improve the engagement and to make sure that everyone is heard
  • Use it in group projects to gather expectations, brainstorm ideas and share feedback
  • Use it in research projects to gather input and to document and compare results over time
  • Energize and make your presentations more fun by using the Quiz competition
  • Allow your audience to ask you questions, through the Q&A feature
  • Use Mentimeter’s content slides to present content in a new, modern and interactive way
  • Use it as an ice-breaker to check how your audience are feeling or what their opinion on a specific topic is
  • Use it to evaluate your presentations in order to become an even better presenter

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