Programme evaluations

Last changed: 30 March 2022

Programme evaluations are part of SLU's quality work for our education programmes. By answering the programme evaluation before you graduate, you contribute to SLU being able to develop the programme and change things that can be improved.

The programme evaluation consists of about ten standardized questions. In addition to these, the programmes can add up to five questions related to the specific programme.

The programme evaluation addresses, among other things:

  • Satisfaction and overall impression
  • Common thread
  • Context progression

SLU uses the Evald system for programme evaluations, the same system that is also used for course evaluations. When the programme evaluation is open for answers, your programme directors of studies will notify you. It usually happens at the end of your education. 


Contact your programme directors of studies if you have questions about the content of the programme evaluation. Contact information is available on each programme page.

If you have asked about the Evald system, contact IT support,