Student mediators

Last changed: 30 August 2023

Student mediators can assist Bachelor’s and Master’s students with issues related to their rights and responsibilities, disciplinary cases and more – including the way students and staff behave towards each other.

Support available for students

Student mediators are expected to be able to help students by:

  • Listening to and discussing your questions and complaints if you feel you have been treated unfairly and your opinions have not received enough attention from those responsible.
  • Guiding you through various governing documents (laws and ordinances, the Education Planning and Administration Handbook, course and programme syllabuses) and helping you to interpret them.
  • Contacting others within the university upon request. If you feel you have been harassed, the student mediator has a duty to take the matter further.
  • Explaining policies and procedures related to the way the disciplinary board process cases such as suspected cheating.
  • Explaining what will happen in the event of suspension from academic studies.

The student mediators cannot enforce sanctions on the university and its employees, nor can they change regulations and decisions. However, they are able to suggest ways forward for both individual cases and overarching matters.

Generally, it is up to you to contact the student mediator with any questions or problems you may have. However, the student mediators will contact any students involved in matters being brought before the disciplinary board.

Email the student mediators:

Other support available

The student mediators are not legal experts, psychologists or study counsellors. Both the university and the Student Health Service can assist you with other issues. Visit Sustainable studies – support and services | student web (


Contact the student mediators via email:

Malin Beckman, Lecturer
Department of Urban and Rural Development, Division of Rural Development

Göran Hartman, Senior Lecturer
Department of Ecology, Landscape Ecology Unit
Pär Ingvarsson.jpg
Pär Ingvarsson, Professor
Department of Plant Biology, Plant Genomics and Plant Breeding