Approved leave from studies

Last changed: 12 September 2018

If you are a student on a programme and you will not be studying at SLU for at least one semester, you need to apply for approved leave from studies. During approved leave you will keep your place on the programme.

Approved leave from studies can be granted for a maximum of one year at a time. You can also apply for approved leave from studies for a period shorter than a whole semester. If you have special reasons, you may be given guaranteed admission on your return from approved leave. Special reasons mean here social, medical or other special circumstances, such as looking after a child, your own pregnancy, serious illness, students’ union duties or call-up to national service. Find out more in SLU’s regulations for education.

If you do not have special reasons, you can still resume your studies but only if there is a place available when you return.

Approved leave from studies is documented in the LADOK study documentation system and the decision on approved leave from studies is sent to you.

You can take examinations whilst on approved leave from studies. If you are planning to complete courses that you have already begun during your approved leave from studies, please indicate this in your application for approved leave from studies. It is possible to re-register on a course you have already started, even during approved leave from studies.

If you are admitted on and registered for exchange studies, you should not apply for approved leave from studies for your exchange studies.

Application form for approved leave from studies/non-completion of studies 
(pdf 561 Kb)

Resuming your studies after approved leave

You must apply to continue your studies after approved leave, following the procedure that applies to your programme., no later than 15 April or 15 October before the next semester. More information can be found under Application and admission.

Non-completion of studies

If you want to stop studying on a programme completely, you must apply for non-completion of studies. An application for non-completion of studies is final and you will no longer be entitled to a study place on the programme. You will still be able to complete courses you have already started. If you want to start on the programme again, you will need to apply and be admitted again.

Apply for non-completion of studies using the same form as for approved leave from studies. (pdf 293 Kb, only information in Swedish.)


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