Student unions

Last changed: 31 January 2023

SLU has seven student unions which represent the students’ interests and work to ensure high-quality courses and programmes. The unions are independent from the university.

Join a union

Union membership gives you the opportunity to influence the important work that your union is doing. It also gives you access to a broad spectrum of social activities such as events, parties and various students societies.

You will find information about how to become a member on the unions web pages.

Student union card

The student union card is a discounts and benefits card which you are entitled to as a member of a student union. The card will be sent to the address where you are registered. The card is issued by either Mecenat or Studentkortet, both are proof of being an active student but the conditions might differ. Visit your student union's web page for more information.


Sluss (Joint Committee of Student Unions at SLU) is a collaborative body for the students unions at SLU. Its primary task is to represent all students at SLU on general issues concerning the university. Sluss represents the students on the SLU Board and in the Vice-Chancellor's Management Group.

Sluss is independent from the university and has two full-time employees. Visit the Sluss website to find out more.

Student unions and the law

Students have the right to influence the education at their university. Universities must endeavour to enable students to play an active role in the continued development of courses and programmes (Higher Education Act, Chapter 1 Section 4a). Students also have the right to be represented when decisions or preparations are made that are relevant to their education or the students' situation (Higher Education Act, Chapter 2 Section 7).