Do I meet the entry requirements?

Last changed: 09 December 2022

Answer: To be able to study at a Swedish university you must meet the general entry requirements. For a specific programme or single course, you may also have to meet specific entry requirements.

  • General entry requirements for bachelor´s level. You should successfully have completed your upper secondary (high school) education and you need documented proficiency in English and basic knowledge in mathematics. Read more about bachelor's level entry requirements at Many bachelor's degree programmes and most bachelor-level courses at SLU, are only offered in Swedish. To apply for these, you need documented proficiency in Swedish.
  • General entry requirements for programmes at master's level. You must have been awarded a bachelor's degree, and you need documented proficiency in English. Read more about entry requirements at
  • Specific entry requirements. In addition to the general entry requirements. You may have to meet specific entry requirements for the course or programme. These specific requirements are outlined in the individual course and programme descriptions on our website. All courses at master's level require previous university studies, either general studies or studies within a specific subject.

You will find specific entry requirements for all our master's programmes in the programme descriptions on our website. All our courses, and their specific entry requirements, are presented in our course database.


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