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Last changed: 02 October 2018

Do you want to study but have not applied in time? Many programmes and courses are still open for late registration. Read below to see how to proceed.

All registration for courses and programs at SLU is done via For those who have not yet registered for any education but would like to read at SLU, there may still be courses or programs open for late registration.

How to apply:

  1. Log in at
  2. Find the educations you are interested in.
  3. Be sure to choose the right semester when you are looking for a specific programme/course.
  4. If an education is open for late registration there is a "select" button.
  5. Check your application and submit it.

If you are already a student at SLU, you can go to the tab Log in and select the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences under the heading Are you already a student? Then follow the instructions.

Please note that although the programme/course is open for late application, there is no guarantee that there are places left..

However, if you are qualified for the education and there are places left, you can get a seat. Follow the instructions on on how to submit eligibility credits if they have not already been submitted before.

Regarding SLU courses, it may be easier if you first look at SLU's course search to find a course that interests you, and then go to to see if the educational option is still open for late registration .

When do I get notified of my late notification?

Late applications are ranked by date of arrival. Arrival date is when your application is complete with all the mandatory documents on You who have made a late application will receive a notification by mail or e-mail when your application has been completed. You can then log in to your account at to see your admission notification.


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