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Campuses and accommodation

SLU’s campuses and research facilities are spread throughout Sweden, with the three main campuses located in Alnarp, Umeå and Uppsala. While each campus differs in size and structure, they all have a warm, friendly and inspiring atmosphere. Currently, over 4,000 students and 700 doctoral students are enrolled at SLU.

Campus Alnarp

Information about campus Alnarp and the student life in Lund and Malmö.

Three female students sit on the lawn in Alnarsparken, photo.

Campus Umeå

Information about the SLU campus in Umeå and the student life in the city.

A group of students outside the main entrence of SLU's campus in Umeå, photo.

Campus Ultuna

Information about campus Ultuna and the student life in Uppsala.

Many students outside Ull's hus on campus ultuna during a sunny day, photo.
Published: 08 January 2024 - Page editor: utb-webb@slu.se