Information for students who have started but not completed a degree programme

Last changed: 20 December 2022
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The programme syllabuses listed below are being withdrawn. This will not affect you if you are pursuing a degree programme at the regular rate of study and taking the courses in the order that they are given.

On 25 May 2022, the Board of Education took the decision to withdraw the syllabuses listed below. In some cases, a programme will be phased out, meaning it will no longer be offered by SLU. In other cases, the programme will continue but in a different form.

All students who have been admitted onto a programme are entitled to complete their studies as per the syllabus and degree requirements for the programme they were admitted to. However, this only applies for a fixed period and the final dates are given below for each syllabus being withdrawn.

Information on rules for resuming studies after approved leave: approved leave from studies.

If you want to complete your studies for your intended degree, you must contact the study and career guidance service well in advance of the final date for your programme.

Withdrawn syllabuses and final dates:

Agricultural Economics and Management (NM002), 31 December 2024
Animal Science (VM003), 31 December 2024
Biotechnology (NM003), 31 December 2024
Ecology (NM004), 31 December 2024
Environmental Communication and Management (NG001), 31 December 2024
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (SM005), 31 December 2024
Environmental Pollution and Risk Assessment (NM001), 31 December 2024
Food – Innovation and Market (NM024), 31 December 2024
Food of Life (VM005), 31 December 2024
Forests as Natural Resource (NM012), 31 December 2024
Integrated Water Resource Management (NM006), 31 December 2024
Plant and Forest Biotechnology (SM002), 31 December 2024
Plant Biology (NM008), 31 December 2024
Soil and Water Management (NM010), 31 December 2024
Sustainable Food Systems (NM028), 31 December 2025
Urban Landscape Dynamics (LM001), 31 December 2024


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