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Last changed: 08 July 2024
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Before you can be admitted to a university or university college, you must fulfil certain entry requirements. If there are more applicants who fulfil the entry requirements than there are places, a selection is made. These are the rules that apply at SLU.

General entry requirements

General entry requirements must be met for all higher education. There are general entry requirements for courses and programmes at both Bachelor's level and Master's level. Find out more about general entry requirements at universityadmissions.se.

Specific entry requirements

There are often specific entry requirements in addition to the general entry requirements. Specific entry requirements vary depending on the course or programme and consist of requirements for specific prior knowledge that is necessary for you to be able to follow a given course or programme. These entry requirements may include, for example, upper secondary school courses or academic courses. You can find out which ones are required in the relevant course syllabus.

Conditional entry requirements for a course

You can be admitted conditionally or placed on a waiting list conditionally to a course if you at the time of application do not fulfil the entry requirements, but will be in a position to fulfil the requirements by the time the course starts. If you are admitted conditionally or placed on a waiting list, the conditions must be fulfilled by the time the course starts for you to begin and be registered on the course. You need to prove that the conditions are fulfilled and show the department or equivalent that you have fulfilled your condition.

Please note that the SLU Admissions Office cannot subsequently remove a condition for a course. The decision on whether or not you fulfil the condition will be made by the relevant department.

You cannot be conditionally admitted on a course if you make a late application after the course has started, since the entry requirements must be fulfilled at the time the course starts.

Conditional entry requirements for programmes at Master's level

You can be admitted conditionally or placed on a waiting list conditionally to a programme if you at the time of application do not fulfil the entry requirements, but will be in a position to fulfil the requirements by the time the programme starts. The conditions must be fulfilled no later than two weeks after the programme starts and you must contact the Admissions Office at SLU yourself to demonstrate that you fulfil the conditions.

You must show that you meet the English requirements for the course or programme, before the supporting document deadline. You can not be conditionally admitted if you are missing the English requirements.

Language Requirements

The majority of the Master’s programmes at SLU are conducted in English. SLU also offers some Bachelor’s level courses in English. You can find out what the English language requirement is for the course or programme you are applying to by visiting the course description page at this web site.

You can demonstrate that you meet the English language requirement through certain upper secondary (high school) studies, certain university studies or an internationally approved English test. For more specific information, please visit universityadmissions.se

Prior learning

Applying for prior learning assessment is a way to be eligible to study at SLU even if you do not have the formal qualifications. Your knowledge and experience are assessed to determine whether you will be able to pass the course or programme you wish to apply to. Read more about prior learning here.



SLU's admission regulations 

SLU’s admission regulations contain all the rules for education applied by the university with regard to applications, entry requirements and exemption from entry requirements, as well as selection, and with regard to how decisions on admissions and exemptions from entry requirements are made. If you have a question about any of the rules, the answer can probably be found in the admission regulations.

Admission regulations (in Swedish) for courses and study programmes from 1 June, 2024.


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