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SLU Career

All SLU students have access to careers advice and support while they are at the university. Support and inspiration are available to help you prepare as you make the jump from student life to employment. SLU alumni are also welcome to use the career’s service.

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SLU Career offers:

  • individual career guidance meetings
  • webinars preparing you before writing your CV and sending out job applications
  • careers and scholarship portal with degree projects, placements and job vacancies
  • personal feedback on your CV and application letters
  • a website filled with careers information and inspiration.


Jobs, degree projects, internships and scholarships

SLU:s career portal

Here we publish vacant degree projects, jobs, internships and scholarships that you can apply for within the framework of your education.

Job search inspiration

Applying for a job, maximizing your job application, focusing on the job interview, networking for the job, starting research, starting your own business.

CV Guidance

Are you a student at SLU and want feedback on your CV and job application?

Practice for a job interview

Going to a job interview is for many an above situation. If you practice in advance, you have all the prerequisites to convince the employer.

Published: 07 March 2024 - Page editor: utb-webb@slu.se