SLU's organisation

Last changed: 06 March 2024

On this and the following pages, you will find general information about SLU’s organisation, in particular the bodies that deal with educational and student welfare issues. There are also introductions to decisions and other important documents which SLU publishes about its activities.

What does SLU do?

SLU consists of four faculties, which in turn consist of a number of departments and other units. Educational matters are handled at all levels of the university’s organisation. There is a programme committee which discusses and decides on issues relating to your education.

Find out more about education bodies at SLU that deal with educational and student welfare issues. The responsibilities and authority of the various bodies are stated in what are called delegations of authority. You can read more there about which bodies prepare and make decisions on different issues.

What do the students’ unions do?

There are student representatives on all the committees, councils and boards that deal with educational and student welfare issues at SLU. Each programme has a students’ union which is responsible for education monitoring. Find out more about the students’ unions and their work under the heading Student influence.