Admission to the latter part of a programmes

Last changed: 26 March 2024

On this page you will find information about admission to the latter part of a programme at SLU.

Who can apply?

You can be admitted to the latter part of an SLU programme if:

  1. there are available places on the programme for the year and semester;
  2. you fulfil the entry requirements;
  3. you have successfully completed courses that may be included in the degree the programme aims for, and you are able to complete your studies by the same time as those admitted in the regular admissions round.

Individual programmes may have more specific entry requirements. You will find links to the different programmes further down on the page. On the linked pages, you can read more about admission to the latter part of a programme and see how many places there are for a specific programme the current semester.

You can be admitted to the latter part of a programme for the second semester at the earliest. Your previous studies will be assessed to decide which year you qualify for. A link to the application form can be found further down on this page.

Which programmes admit students to latter parts?

The programmes below admit students to their latter parts. Click on the programme you are interested in, followed by the option 'Admission to latter part of the programme' to see how many places are available for the next semester.

When can you apply?

The application period to be admitted the following autumn semester is 1–31 May and 1–30 November to be admitted the following spring semester.

You can submit a late application up until the last day of the current semester. If you submit your application later than that, it is rejected and you are encouraged to submit a new application for the next application period. Late applications are processed depending on the number of places available, and in chronological order.

How to apply

See the application form.

Before applying, we recommend that you talk to your study adviser or programme director of studies (contact information can be found in the respective programme links above). They can help you assess which year you have qualified for.

If you already are an SLU student, enclose the following:

  • An individual study plan showing which courses can be replaced with previous studies, i.e. confirm which year you have qualified for.

If you are not an SLU student (or want to be given credit for courses from another higher education institution), enclose the following:

  • An individual study plan showing which courses can be replaced with previous studies, i.e. confirm which year you have qualified for.
  • Any documents that confirm general or specific entry requirements for higher education.
  • Officially issued, original certificates of what you have studied (course certificates, register extracts, Transcript of Records or equivalent). Alternatively, an official attested copy of the above (if the documents have backs, they must also be enclosed). The certificates must state course titles, grades, grade dates and extent (credits, hours, etc.). The faculty administrative officer can supply you with the attestation.
  • An authorised translation is needed if the certificates are written in any other language than Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, English, German or French. In certain cases, other languages may also be accepted.
  • Course syllabuses with the reading list and entry requirements for the courses that will replace courses in the programme you apply to.

Supplementary qualifications

If you are currently studying courses included in the programme, we recommend that you submit your application on time and supplement the courses afterwards. The faculty administrative officer who receives your application will tell you how much time you have to do this. This time period includes the time needed to report the results. You cannot be admitted to latter parts of programmes before all courses up until the semester you are admitted are completed.

Previous study assessments equivalent of programme courses

The programme director of studies assesses the applicant's qualifications on the application deadline, as well as any supplements or study plans. If you are admitted to the programme, you must apply for a credit transfer of your previous courses, unless you have taken them at SLU or if they do not have the same SLU course code as the programme courses.

Admission decision

Three weeks after the application deadline (at the latest), you will receive information on whether you have been admitted or not. If you have submitted a late application, you will know two weeks into the semester at the latest. The decision is sent to the e-mail address you entered in your application. The decision will state whether you have been admitted, placed on a waiting list or if you are unqualified.

The programme board responsible for the programme in question will decide on admissions to latter parts of programmes. All the programme boards have delegated the decision-making right to their respective chair.

Reply to the decision

If you are offered a place on the programme, you must, at the latest, accept it on the date stated in the decision. Otherwise, the place is offered to the next applicant on the waiting list. If you have applied in time but not been admitted due to lack of available places, the decision will offer you a place on the waiting list. You must notify us of whether you would like to remain on the waiting list by the date stated in the decision at the latest.


If your application has been rejected because you do not meet the entry requirements, you can appeal (there are instructions in the decision). If you have been rejected for a latter part of a programme because there are no available places, you cannot appeal.

When admitted

When the admission decision has been made, you must apply for a credit transfer of courses that will be included in your qualification. This applies if you want the courses you have taken at other higher education institutions than SLU to be included in your qualification, or if courses previously taken at SLU correspond to courses in the programme you have applied to. Your individual study plan will be the basis for any credit transfer decisions. You must also submit a late application to the course(s) you will take. If necessary, the faculty administrative officer can help you apply to a programme course you cannot apply to yourself until admitted. 


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