Landscape Architecture - Master's Programme

Published: 17 October 2019

This webpage is for students on the Landscape Architecture - Master's Programme.

Here you will find information about the programme, your course schedule, contact information, and the documents that regulate the education. Navigate by clicking on the headings below.

Visiting hours: Wednesdays 13.00-16.00, please book a visit by e-mail:

Welcome letter 2019

With great pleasure we welcome you to SLU Alnarp and to the Landscape Architecture – Master’s programme!

The programme will start at 9:00 am on the 2nd September 2019 in Terra Nova, Agricum, Slottsvägen 2 in Alnarp, with a roll call and information. It is important that you show up on the roll call or, if you are unable to attend tell us in advance, because otherwise you will not be registered. 

The campus is located in Alnarp, situated between Malmö and Lund.  For more information about the campus, including road descriptions and a map of Alnarp, please visit Campus Alnarp.

The first course will have its introduction seminar the same day in the afternoon. The courses in the programme during the autumn are:

Period 1, autumn 2019 (September, 2 – October, 31)

Period 2, autumn 2019 (November, 1 2019 - January, 19 2020)

The links contain detailed information regarding course contents, such as the course schedule and literature. This information will be updated during the summer, so please check in regularly.

Once again we would like to welcome you to the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and in particular, to the Landscape Architecture Master’s Programme in Alnarp. If you have any questions during the summer regarding your notification of selection results, please send an e-mail to:, and for questions regarding the programme, please send an email to:

You will find all information that you will need as a new student at SLU at the page New student.

See you in September!

Caroline Dahl, Programme Director of Studies

Admission to latter part of the programme

General information about admission to latter part of programmes and how to apply can be found here. Read this information first.

For the autumn semester 2019, the following number of study places are available on Landscape Architecture – Master’s Programme:

  • Year 2: 16 study places


If there at the end of the application period are more qualified applicants than study places, the applicants will be ranked according to the number of credits they are expected to be credited in the degree that the programme aims at. If the applicants’ merits are equal, selection is decided by lot.


  • This programme is taught in English.
  • The name of the programme in Swedish is masterprogram i landskapsarkitektur.


Programme Director of studies - Landscape Architecture

Caroline Dahl, PhD-Candidate Depart. of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management and Head of Movium Think Tank
Telephone: +46 (0) 72-213 15 30

Contact the education officer if you have any questions about credit transfer or regulations. Lisa Aspång Göransson, phone +46 (0)40-41 5043, E-mail:

Contact the education administrator if you have any questions about LADOK registration, certificates and questions of a general study nature. Kristina Regnell, phone +46 (0)40-41 5416, E-mail:

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