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Landscape planning and architecture

Landscape planning and landscape architecture include design and management of landscapes, i.e. cultural or natural land areas, urban as well as rural.

Landscape planning and architecture are also connected to architecture, ecology, environmental psychology, sociology, environmental communication and system theory.

Landscape planning is also a branch within forestry and includes road and cutting planning etc.

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Tree selection for a sustainable urban forest in future climates

Tree selection for a sustainable urban forest in future climates urbanfutures@slu.se Our changing climate has put a new spotlight on the importance of trees and, as more people want to be part of

SLU Urban Futures hosts another successful PhD course

The fifth iteration of the SLU Urban Futures PhD Criticality course, Criticality in Research/Criticality as Praxis, took place during late summer and early fall 2023. The course explored how to

SLU and Botildenborg strengthen collaboration and co-create a new Living Lab

The Botildenborg Foundation in Malmö uses food and cultivation to contribute to practical solutions for social, economic and ecological sustainability. Together with SLU Urban Futures, a joint Living

Landscape Architecture - Master's programme

This webpage is for students on the Landscape Architecture - Master's Programme. Here you will find information about the programme, your course schedule, contact information, and the documents that

Urban Forests webinar with Åsa Ode Sang

Urban Forests: Co-producing knowledge on Nature-Based Solutions with municipalities – challenges and opportunities hanna.weiber.post@slu.se Welcome to the next webinar in the Urban Forest series,

The Human-land podcast

Human Land is now launching three episodes of Series 2, where we aim to explore how environmental psychology could support us in a system change towards healthy societies, with a socio-ecological

Read STAD in English!

Magazine STAD 41 is here with a themed issue about the road towards sustainable, beautiful, inclusive and green cities. How are we going to get there? Read STAD in English! Magazine STAD 41 is here

Sustainability Transformation and the Role of Higher Education Institutions

The interest and actual practice of Living Labs in connection to campus development and roles of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in sustainability transformations is rising internationally; from

More collaboration needed to cool down our cities – heatwaves threatening global health

Climate change is already affecting our lives and our cities with increasingly common and alarming heatwaves. SLU has expertise in landscape planning that can play a vital role in ensuring thermal

LA theses

Presentations of Master's theses in Landsape architecture anni.hoffren@slu.se Welcome to listen to the presentations of the Master's theses produced by the students at the international Master's

Creating Green Cities

Creating Green Cities parvin.mazandarani@slu.se How can we create sustainable, beautiful and inclusive cities? Join the EU conference Creating Green Cities online and find out. Get inspired by

A conference in Umeå about Urban Forestscapes

On the 7-8 of June 2023 SLU Urban Futures is arranging the third conference in the series ‘Getting our Cities Right’ - this time at campus Umeå. Dimitris Athanassiadis is the regional hub coordinator