Landskapsingenjörsprogrammet - Alnarp

Published: 02 December 2021
Geometry. Ruler. Spruce fir. Black and white three-dimensional picture.

This programme is taught in Swedish. On the Swedish programme page you will find information about the programme, course schedule, contact information, and the documents that regulate the education.

Click here to go to the Swedish programme page.


Programme director of studies
The person with responsibility for coordinating and developing the degree programme. Contact the programme director of studies if you have questions about course selection, course schedule, study plans and your future.

Name: Frida Andreasson
Tel.: +46 (0)40-415248

Education officer
Contact the education officer if you have any questions about credit transfer, approved leave from studies and regulations.

Name: Boel Sandskär 
Tel.: +46 (0)40-415082

Education administrator
Contact the education administrator if you have any questions about LADOK registration, certificates and questions of a general study nature.

Name: Inga-Lill Olsson
Tel.: +46 (0)40-415418


  • This programme is taught in Swedish.
  • The name of the program in English is Landscape Engineer programme - Alnarp.


Programme director of studies: Landscape Engineer - Alnarp

Frida Andreasson, Researcher
Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management                                               , 040-41 5248