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A programme is a combination of courses, both compulsory and elective, which you take in a given order. The programme leads to a degree. Towards the end of your studies, most programmes allow you to choose from a number of advanced courses.

Det finns 81 sidor som är taggade med Programme:

Sustainable Food Systems

Sustainable Food Systems is a multi-disciplinary Master's programme. It focuses on sustainable development applied to the life cycle of food, including primary production, processing, distribution

Sustainable Development

Human activities affect and are affected by natural resources in many ways. Do you want to learn more about sustainable development in natural and social contexts? The programme Sustainable

Outdoor Environments for Health and Well-being

On this programme, you will study how outdoor environments in people's everyday life can promote development, health and well-being. The programme will prepare you for strategic work on how plants,

Management of Fish and Wildlife Populations

Do you want to contribute to the sustainable management of the world’s fish and wildlife resources? The programme will prepare you for a career in the many governmental and non-governmental

Landscape architecture for sustainable urbanisation

The ongoing urbanisation poses major challenges for the development of urban and rural landscapes. Within landscape achitecture we work with these, our living spaces, and how they are planned,

Landscape Architecture

In one of Europe’s largest campuses for education in Landscape Design, Landscape Planning and Landscape Management and Construction, this Master’s programme gives you a possibility to in-depth

Horticultural Science

Do you want to influence and participate in future sustainable production and cultivation of horticultural crops? Our Master's programme Horticultural Science offers a holistic view of managing and

Forest Ecology and Sustainable Management

Forests worldwide are under increasing pressure to provide multiple products, ecosystem services, and to play a key role for bio-based economy. A holistic understanding of forest ecosystems, and a


This programme is a top choice for you who are open-minded and wish to get profound understanding in forest management, ecology, planning and policy that goes beyond certain national traditions.

Environmental Economics and Management

How do we find solutions to the world´s growing environmental problems? Would you like a career dealing with environmental issues in national or international businesses? We are increassingly aware

Environmental Communication and Management

Communication plays an important role in the facilitation of sustainable management of natural resources and environmental issues. In the ECM programme we learn how to understand communication


How can a European perspective contribute to better understanding and management of our environment? Please note, to make SLU your home university you must submit an application both through the