Reserve a room

Last changed: 30 November 2020

At SLU there are several different types of rooms that students can use, e.g. lecture rooms, computer rooms, lunch rooms, group study rooms, etc. Most of those rooms are reserved through our room booking system TimeEdit.

You can reserve a room through webmail or through TimeEdit.

Reserve through webmail

Use webmail to reserve a room.

Reserve a group study room

Through TimeEdit you can reserve group study rooms at the following locations: 

  • Alnarpsgården, Alnarp
  • Library, Umeå
  • Library, Uppsala
  • Biocentre, Uppsala
  • MVM, Uppsala
  • Ulls hus, Uppsala
  • VHC, Uppsala

To reserve a group study room do following:

  1. Go to the TimeEdit portal "Student".
  2. Log in with your SLU-username and password.
  3. Click on one of the reservation pages and make your reservation.

More information about how you can view schedules and make simple reservations in TimeEdit can be found in this manual.

Please read the reservation rules that are shown on each reservation page before you make a reservation.

Access card

To gain access to certain rooms, such as computer rooms, during the evenings and weekends, you need to use your access card. The card is personal and you collect it at SLU Security.

Here you can read more about access card at SLU.