Access card

Last changed: 04 January 2023

All students are issued with a personal access card for the duration of their studies at SLU. Information about students is retrieved automatically from LADOK, which means that only active students have access to SLU’s premises. The access card has several functions in addition to opening doors, such as printing and copying. SLU Security is responsible for access cards and access to our premises.

SLU’s premises are mostly open during the daytime. However, some areas do require an access card, even during the daytime, in order to permit entry. An access card is primarily required for using computer labs etc. in the evening and at weekends.   

To qualify for an access card, you must be actively studying at SLU and be registered in LADOK. Access cards are valid for one semester at a time, with a certain overlap period for registration and administration. You can use the same access card at Alnarp, Uppsala, Umeå and Skara.

How do you get an access card?

When you are registered at a SLU course, you will receive an email confirmation that  you can pick up your access card. It can take up to two days.

Check that you are registered as a student before you go to your service centre. You can check if you are registered at "My studies " or at the startpage at the student web.

Service centres

  • Alnarp: SLU Service, 2nd floor, Alnarpsgården
  • Uppsala: Visitor information, Education building, Ultuna
  • Umeå: Porter's lodge, Skogishuset
  • Skara: Reception, Education building 
  • Skinnskatteberg: Library

The access level you have on your access card is automatically determined by the course codes in LADOK. If for any reason you believe that your access level should be changed, you or your teacher must contact your department secretary or equivalent. You cannot request a higher access level for yourself at the service centre.