CV review service

Last changed: 27 January 2023

Do you want feedback on your CV and/or covering letter?

SLU Career employs CV reviewers who will give you feedback on your job application. Attach your application documents in an e-mail and send them to We can review documents that are written in Swedish and/or English. 

Make sure you include the job advertisement if you are applying for a job that has been advertised. Give yourself plenty of time before any deadline for your application. Once we have reviewed your documents, we will send them back to you with comments and recommendations for how to improve them.

A good application improves your chances of getting the job!


  1. Check that your documents are in the right format. We can only review pdf-files.
  2. Attach your files to an e-mail and ideally include a link to the job advertisement if possible.
  3. Send your e-mail to
  4. We will get back to you within a week.

Digital drop in

SLU Career offers drop in cv review online at two occasions during the spring semester. Welcome to register.