Soil, Water and Environment

Published: 07 April 2021
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Information for those studying on the Master's programme (two-year) in Soil, Water and Environment. On these pages you will find information about the programme, contact details and the documents governing the degree programme.


Welcome letter

Congratulations on your place at SLU and on the Soil, Water and Environment Master’s programme! We look forward to meeting you here in Uppsala this autumn.

The autumn semester 2021 begins with roll call and study information.

Date: Monday 30 August

Time and place: On the pages for new students, you will find information
about the study start and when the roll call for your programme begins.

On these pages, you will also find all the information you need as a new
student at SLU, including information about the orientation days. The
orientation days are not mandatory but we recommend that you attend
them. They take place at the end of August, before the semester starts, and
provide essential and useful information about your stay in Sweden and
your studies at SLU.

Your first course will be Soil water processes in agroecosystems. On the course page, you will find a timetable for your classes and other course-related information. Timetables and reading lists will be published at least four weeks before the course starts.

Link to the programme: Soil, Water and Environment

The next two years will be exciting, a lot of hard work but also fun. During your studies, you will take courses in different subjects at different departments, often together with students from other programs. The SWE program will provide you with advance knowledge in soil and water management and combines scientific training with applied knowledge. You will be trained in the ability to assess the effects of various types of soil use on soil and water quality and to design and apply relevant management methods. The programme covers in-depth elements in soil science and applied elements in sustainable soil and water use. Some courses focus on international aspects of soil and water management. The studies conclude with an independent project (degree project) where you will implement your knowledge on a current issue within the subject area of sustainable soil and water use.

Upon completion of the programme, depending on the choice of courses you will be awarded with a Master of Science in either Soil science or Environmental sciences. After your education, your expertise will be needed within public authorities from local to national levels as well as within research or private companies such as consultancy firms, both nationally and internationally.


Once again, welcome to SLU!
Anna Berlin, Director of studies and Karin Hamnér, Dept. Director of studies



Independent Project

What are the rules for those doing an independent project as part of the Soil and Water Management programme?

In order to be awarded the degree of Master of Science, you must carry out an independent project/degree project at master level (A2E) worth at least 30 credits. All independent projects have a course syllabus and the course schedule indicates when these courses are offered.

How do I find a subject and a supervisor? Find out more on the general pages about independent projects

What specific requirements are there for the independent project on my programme? These are indicated in Appendix 3 of the programme syllabus.

Find out more:

  • About independent projects at SLU
  • Specific information about independent projects at the Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences


Programme Directors of Studies - Soil and Water Management/Soil, Water and Environment

Anna Berlin, researcher

Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology, 018-67 15 69


Karin Hamnér, researcher

Department of Soil and Environment, 018-67 12 36




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