Outdoor Environments for Health and Well-being - Master's Programme

Published: 17 October 2019

This webpage is for students on the Outdoor Environments for Health and Well-being - Master's Programme.

Here you will find information about the programme, your course schedule, contact information, and the documents that regulate the education. Navigate by clicking on the headings below.

You can choose to study the programme at full time or part time.

Each course contains 3 to 4 campus meetings, which each consists of 2 to 3 days of lessons and examinations.

Part-time schedule 2019-20

This programme is a distance-based education, meaning admittance to this program will not make you eligible for a residence permit in Sweden. However, a physical presence at campus is mandatory 2-4 times per semester, which requires you to travel to Sweden for these occasions.

Welcome letter OHW 2019

The master programme Outdoor Environments for Health and Well-being will start at 9:00 am on the 2nd of September 2019 in Terra Nova, Agricum at Slottsvägen 2 in Alnarp.

The first day starts out with a welcome and information from the faculty and a roll call to the programme. It is important that you show up on the roll call or, if you are unable to attend tell us in advance, because otherwise you will not be registered on the programme. 

The first course on the programme runs during the entire autumn semester:

LK0238 Environmental Perception and Experience, 15 credits

If you intend to study 50% you only register for LK0238, and if you plan to study full time you are recommended to register for the course below as well:

LK0280 Place, Activity and Human development, 15 credits

The web links above lead to detailed information regarding course content, such as schedule and literature, as soon as these pages have been activated by the course leader. The information will be updated during the summer. The programme combines independent work with mandatory elements during campus meetings. All information about the programme, including an overview of the dates for campus meetings, you will find on this web page.

You will find all information that you will need as a new student at SLU at the page: New student. For questions regarding admission contact the admission: admission@slu.se, and for questions regarding the programme, please send an email to: studyadvisor@slu.se. The SLU Alnarp Campus is located between Malmö and Lund. You will find a road description and a map here: Campus Alnarp.   

See you in September!

Elisabeth von Essen, Programme Director of Studies

Telephone: +46 (0)40-415529
E-mail: elisabeth.von.essen@slu.se


Admission to latter part of the programme

General information about admission to latter part of programmes and how to apply can be found here. Read this information first.

 For the autumn semester 2019, the following number of study places are available on Outdoor Environments for Health and Well-being – Master’s Programme:

  • Year 2: 5 study places


If there at the end of the application period are more qualified applicants than study places, the applicants will be ranked according to the number of credits they are expected to be credited in the degree that the programme aims at. If the applicants’ merits are equal, selection is decided by lot.

Dates for meetings autumn 2019 and spring 2020

Autumn semester 2019 – dates for meetings

LK0238 Environmental Perception and Experience, 15.0 credits

Four meetings in Alnarp.

2-4 September
7-9 October (not mandatory)
11-13 November 
16-17 January 2020 - videolink an option

LK0280 Place, Activity, and Human Develoment, 15.0 credits

Four meetings in Alnarp.

4-6 September
9-11 October
13-15 November
13-14 January 2020

LK0260 Outdoor Environments for Children and Youth, 15.0 credits

Four meetings in Alnarp.

16-18 September
23-25 October
18-20 November
15-16 January 2020 - videolink an option

LK0306 Nature Based Interventions, 15.0 credits

Two meetings in Alnarp, one in Umeå.

18-20 September in Alnarp
14-16 October in Umeå
2-4 December in Alnarp

EX0858 Independent Project in Landscape Architecture, A2E - Outdoor Environments for Health and Well-being - Master´s Programme, 30.0  credits

9 September Alnarp, start seminar
21 November Alnarp, mid seminar
31 January 2020 Alnarp Examination, final seminar

Spring semester 2020 – dates for meetings

LK0240 Research Methods for People and Environment Studies, 15.0  credits

Four meetings in Alnarp

27-29 January 2020
11-13 March
20-22 April
27-28 May

LK0239 Landscape Analysis for People and Environments Studies (15 credits)

Four meetings in Alnarp.

29-31 January
9-11 March
22-24 April
25-27 May

LK0262 Health Promoting Outdoor Environments (15 credits)

Meetings in Alnarp.

22-24 January
4-6 March
1-3 April (project work)
11-13 May

LK0344 Nature and Animal Assisted Interventions (15 credits)

Two meetings in Alnarp and one in Skara.

20-22 January in Alnarp
2-4 March in Skara
13-15 May in Alnarp

EX0858 Independent project in Landscape Architecture, A2E – Outdoor Environments for Health and Well-being (30 credits)

3 February, Start seminar
1 April, Midseminar
3 April, Final exams
29 May, Final exams

  • This programme is taught in English
  • The name of the programme in Swedish is masterprogrammet Utemiljö för hälsa och välbefinnande.


Programme director of studies - Outdoor Environments for health and well-being

Elisabeth von Essen, Researcher at the Department of Work Science, Business Economics and Environmental Psychology
Telephone:+46 (0)40-415529
E-mail: elisabeth.von.essen@slu.se

Contact the education officer if you have any questions about credit transfer or regulations. Boel Sandskär, phone +46 (0)40-41 5082, E-mail: boel.sandskar@slu.se

Contact the education administrator if you have any questions about LADOK registration, certificates and questions of a general study nature. Karoline Schua, phone +46 (0)40-41 5034, E-mail: karoline.schua@slu.se

Page editor: boel.sandskar@slu.se