If you are in receipt of study support for students with disabilities

Last changed: 04 August 2023
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The same learning outcomes apply for all students. The purpose of study support is to help students conquer obstacles in their studies and try to create equal conditions to succeed in their work. Study support is seen as help towards self-help – it never replaces your own responsibilities.

Your responsibilities as a student

  • As a student, you are always responsible for your studies and your study situation.
  • You must obtain the knowledge yourself and display the required skills.
  • You are your own information channel. You know how you work best in different situations. You decide who you want to inform about your disability.
  • It is your responsibility to apply for study support in good time, so it is available when you feel you need it.

Inform the course coordinator

  • Contact the course coordinator before new courses and show the recommendation regarding adjustment if nothing has been agreed with the coordinator.
  • Inform the course leader about your needs prior to practical course elements for example, such as group exercises, excursions or placements.
  • The course coordinator or examiner will determine which adjustments can be implemented in teaching and examinations, based on the course syllabuses and other course requirements. If a lack of resources means that the approved adaptations cannot be made in full, the exam services team has the power to arrange the most suitable alternative.
  • If you are studying in Alnarp or Uppsala and would like an adapted written assessment, you need to submit your request in Ladok when you register for the exam. The deadline is 10 working days before the examination session. If you are studying at another SLU campus, you need to contact the course administrator or course coordinator in good time before your exam and inform them of your requests. You will need to provide your recommendation letter from Nais. You can read more about adapted assessments on the student web: https://student.slu.se/studier/tentamen/.
  • If you would like an adjusted examination, contact the course coordinator or course administrator well in advance before the exam.
  • Contact them at least 15 weekdays before the examination. Please note that a number of departments may have different deadlines. This is important to give teachers and administrators a fair chance to implement the practical preparations.
  • If you are prevented from doing the examination, inform the person you have been in contact with regarding the adjusted examination (course administrator or course coordinator).
  • If you would like support contacting the course coordinator, you are always welcome to contact the coordinators at SLU.


Study with disabilities

If you have questions about studying with disabilities that might affect your studies and how to apply for study support, contact us at ability@slu.se

You can read more about studying with disabilities on the student web.