Reporting hours for mentors

Last changed: 16 September 2020

Here you will find information about reporting the hours you have worked as a mentor, so you can receive your payment. Remember that you must have an agreement with the coordinators/contact people before you begin an assignment.


A mentorship comprises one hour per week, unless otherwise agreed and you will be paid SEK 130 per hour.

Reporting hours worked


The hours you have recorded are to be presented each month using the timesheet for mentors. Fill in your timesheet electronically and your hours will be automatically summarised, and help us with our work. Contact the coordinator for help filling out the form (the timesheet is only available in Swedish).

Complete the blue fields and number of hours worked

Only the blue fields are to be completed, and the number of hours worked. State time as a decimal, for example one hour and fifteen minutes as 1.25. The rest will be deducted. Here you will find more detailed information about how to fill in the form.

Submit the form

Email a copy of the completed form to If you submit the form during the first days of a month, we can issue your payment at the end of the same month. It is also possible to report several months at the same time.


SLU has an agreement with Nordea who pay out the salaries. The salary will be paid to a private Nordea bank account. If you would like your salary to be paid into another account that is not a Nordea account, you must register your bank account to the Nordea account register. (You then have to specify SLU:s employer’s registration number with Nordea, which is 506650). If you do not register your account, you will instead receive a payment card to redeem on a bank for a fee.


Study with a disability

Ask us about: studying with disabilities that might affect your studies and how to apply for study support.

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