I forgot to apply before the deadline. How will this affect my chances of being admitted?

Last changed: 21 October 2023

Answer: Some courses and programmes that still have available places after the regular admission round may open up for late application once the admission results have been published, i.e. mid-December for the spring semester and mid-July for the autumn semester.

It is important that you apply in time. The deadline for applications that applies to you is dependent on which courses or study programmes you want to apply for; find out more at important dates.

Late applications can be submitted once the admission results have been published, i.e. mid-July for the autumn semester and 15 December for the spring semester. Only those courses and programs where there is still a possibility of admission will be open for late application.

This applies even if you are admitted to a programme and will only be taking programme courses.

Students who submit a late application are ranked by application date, not by credits, grades or results from the Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test. There is no guarantee you will be admitted if you submit a late application.

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