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Save the dates! Upcoming webinars on urban forests

Published: 11 March 2022
mattias qviström

The collaboration between the SLU Future platforms Future Forests and SLU Urban Futures will continue during spring with a series of webinars on Urban Forests.

Our webinar series on urban forests will continue during spring. Urban Forests is a relatively new and still-developing research field. In this webinar series, arranged by SLU Urban Futures and Future Forests, we delve into urban forests to shed light on various aspects and areas that need more research.

  • 17 mars (15:00-16:00): Mattias Qviström, professor of landscape architecture at SLU, Uppsala, highlights the role of urban forests for planning of recreational areas in Sweden from the 1960s until today. Planning for recreational running is used as a lens to uncover the nexus of ideals of recreation and the forest, and how this materialised in the urban landscape. Finally, the presentation discusses the shift from welfare planning (and a decline of recreational planning) in the 1980s – and ways to reassemble a recreational planning today.
  • 27 April (15:00-16:00): Cat Scott (University of Leeds) on quantifying ecosystems services: Distribution of trees on woodland and their contribution to GHG emissions.

  • 10 May (15:00-16:00): Purabi Bose (SLU) on Global South dimensions of urban forests: Gender, indigenous peoples’ use of forests and traditional knowledge in an urban forest setting.

    Register for the webinar on March 17 here: Urban forests for a welfare society: running and the forest ideal in Swedish recreational planning | Medarbetarwebben (

    More information and links to register for the webinars on April 27 and May 10 coming soon.



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